Wise decisions about the right people, right study, right job, right career path, right place, right time ..........

Our methods and supporting instrument(s) were originally conceived and developed in the 1980's and early 1990's by Anneke Addicks and John Witte. The basic measurement instrument is a multiple-scale personality questionnaire.

The measurement is used in several countries within the world of work and (higher) education. The measurement is used by trained and certified HR professionals in organizations, as well as by self-employed coaches, career counselors and the like. The main goal is to optimize the fit between individual competencies and other personal characteristics and aspects of the working or educational environment. The underlying goal is to improve the use of 'human capital', both from an organizational and an individual point-of-view. The aim is to increase the match between organizational requirements and individual competencies, leading to an increase in productivity and satisfaction.

The measurement is administered via the Internet. Subsequently, insights are available through tailored reports or interactively via a dynamic application for administering the candidate relationship.

For each of our key markets there are different methods used by customers to optimize the application of the insights gained through the measurement. For organizations, business and industry our method is The Profilizer Method.

The Profilizer Method is the copyright of L&D Support BV.