Its about people, their capabilities and possibilities.

"It's about people their capabilities and possibilities."

In addition, there are some important pillars supporting the insights we provide:

  • Everyone is multi-talented!
  • Behavior is an important predictor of success!

Selection and promotion success occurrs because the organization and the person in question "match/fit". Insight into expected behavior is often lacking. Predicting future performance is largely based on whether a person can do the job, what he/she wants, and what the possible obstacles are to success. The Profilizer measurement provides more clarity and objective insight based into expected behavior and likely fit!

Our focus is always on people, concentrating on the possibilities of today and for the future. We are constantly looking for ways to help insights individuals and organizations achieve their potential offer. We are convinced that when people are engaged in activities that suit or fit them best, they are more content, less prone to illness and more productive.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1990 as an innovative organization consultancy, L&D Support BV (Learning & Developing) provides validated and specialized talents to clarify individual, relationship, group and organizational issues.